We manufacture acrylic glass blinds in a myriad of colours with varying degrees of transparency. Acrylic glass can also be printed on allowing for innovative new ways of expression.

Scandinavian Designer Blinds can be motorised or manual.


Designer Blinds



The designers CKR – CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE have elevated the role of the blind beyond that of privacy provider and sunscreen. In new materials, new colours, with graphics, transparency and motion, these timeless classics have become modern design statements. At Helsinki Design Week they launched Scandinavian Designer Blinds in acrylic glass with superimposed graphics.


Blinds with print


Color Glass Blinds from Helsinki Design Week

Research: Electrostatic studies on acrylic panels

The objective of this study was to examine the amount electrostatic charge acquired by acrylic blinds, and to assess methods to reduce unwanted charging. Based on the experiments which have been performed, it can be concluded that no significant charging takes place when the acrylic blinds are normally operated i.e. raised and lowered. Read the entire report.

Range of Colored Blinds

Below you can see our range of acrylic colored blinds:

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